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Education in Engineering Colleges and Universities are severely lagging in meeting VLSI Industry specific needs, which creates a big gap between the Industry and the fresh engineering graduates. IIVDTs Post-Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design and Technology is structured towards bridging this Industry-Academia gap by providing specific VLSI courses with the focus on Advanced Technical and Personal Skill development.

The Course material is designed by the VLSI industry experts with decades of experience working at top technical positions for various MNCs in India and Abroad. Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design and Technology, builds on the basic concepts and then moves to Advanced ASIC development Techniques and Methodologies. ADVDT transforms a raw engineering graduate into a capable VLSI professional with both technical and soft skills.

Highlights Of The Course

Advanced System-On-Chip Architecture Exploration
Advanced Digital Design And Verilog Coding Techniques
Advanced System Verilog Verification Techniques
Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis
Floor Planning, Placement And Routing
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